The cello is the next largest stringed instrument after the viola. Unlike the violin and the viola which are held under the chin, the cello is held between the knees while seated. The string tones are much lower than the violin and the viola. The cello has a smooth tone and calming sound. The cello is considered a solo as well as an accompanying instrument in the orchestra. With popular music becoming adapted for classical instruments, cello players can perform anything from classical to pop, rock and electric music. The lower voice capacity enhances the range of tones a string quartet, electric band or orchestra can produce. At Edelweiss, we explore various genres of music and challenge students to learn techniques found in classical as well as popular repertoire.

Beginners usually start with 30-minute lessons, meeting once a week. We recommend renting a cello until the student is convinced that learning the cello will become a long-term commitment. Contact us for more information about stores that rent reasonably priced but prime quality cellos.