private lessons


We offer multiple private lessons with experienced teachers: Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Viola, Cello, Saxophone, Drums, Voice

Piano – The piano is a very popular and favorite instrument everywhere in the world. It has a rich sound and a wide range of sounds ranging between very low tones and very high notes. Whether you are 5 or 65, it is never late to start learning the piano!

Violin – The best age to start violin is 6 or 7. However, many students start violin lessons in Middle School when they have to pick an orchestra instrument, and with proper instruction students can still achieve a high level of performance within a few years of playing.
Viola – Viola looks like a violin but it is a larger instrument. The viola has lower sounding strings and it has a mellower tone than a violin. Unlike the violin, the viola is considered an accompaniment instrument in the orchestra. Regardless, there are many viola players who perform solo pieces as well.
Cello – The cello has a smooth tone and calming sound. The cello is considered a solo as well as an accompanying instrument in the orchestra. With popular music becoming adapted for classical instruments, nowadays we find cello players perform anything from classical to pop, rock and fusion music. 
Guitar – In pop and rock bands it is more popular to hear an electric or acoustic guitar. The classical guitar uses nylon strings, while the electric and acoustic guitar uses steel strings. Since nylon strings are softer and less physically challenging, we suggest beginners to start with classical guitar.
Ukulele – The ukulele is a four stringed instrument stemming from lute instruments. It was originally created in Hawaii. Some may think it looks like a smaller guitar as the shape is similar. However, the Ukulele has 4 strings, unlike the guitar which has 6 strings. Ukulele is popular for students who sing.
Drums – A drummer is trained to coordinate between all the drums and cymbals using mallets, in addition to the bass drum. A drummer must learn to play a steady beat, in order to keep the band performing together at the same time. We explore rhythms from different genres, as drums are a versatile instrument.
Voice – Generally, children are ready to start voice lessons as early as 7 years of age. However, our highly experienced instructors can start training a shorter voice range before the age of 7, depending on the desire of the child. Adults can also benefit from voice lessons at any age.
Saxophone – Saxophone is generally considered a Jazz instrument but you can hear the saxophone in a classical orchestra or a chamber quartet as well. Students call it a cool instrument. Best age to start learning the saxophone is around the age of 10.