Students meet with their instructor once a week. However, some choose to take lessons twice a week depending on their goals (especially if they are preparing for an important performance) and their teacher’s availability.

While we offer special group classes, regular lessons are one-on-one.

We offer orchestra for elementary-aged students, quartet for advanced musicians, and Broadway singing and theater class.

Yes, we do. We accept in-home students who live within 5-10 minutes’ driving time from the school. Requests for in-home lessons also depend on teacher availability. Please refer to the tuition page as in-home lesson tuition differs from in-school lessons.

Yes. In fact, there is more availability for lessons earlier in the day for homeschooled students!

We offer a plethora of tests, festivals, and competitions depending upon your child’s interests, levels, needs, and goals. Teachers will help students prepare for these events during their lessons.

Students can pick between the state level test, ABRSM (Royal Academy of Music) and Trinity College of London.

Yes. We host two big recitals every year: one in December around the winter holidays and one in May around Mother’s Day.

One-on-one private music lessons offer students of all ages the benefits of having their teacher’s complete attention. The best age to start taking music lessons is six years old. Some students may choose to begin earlier than that, but their success mainly depends on the maturity and interest of the child. Adults can also learn at any time in their lifetime! It’s never too late to take music lessons!

During the private sessions, our highly trained and experienced teachers will teach everything from note reading to proper posture, oral skills, music theory, expressive intonation, solid rhythm foundation, and many more aspects related to music performance.

We offer 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute lessons. We recommend that beginners start with 30-minute lessons. As a student progresses, he or she will discuss with their teacher when it is time to start longer lessons.

Absolutely. Throughout the year we offer several chances for our students to participate in festivals, competitions, contests, and theory tests on a state, national, and international level. In addition, our school hosts two recitals in December and May.

It largely depends on the type of instrument, and the student’s age and ability. For example, it takes longer to master the violin; however, it may take less time to play smoothly on the piano. Most students are able to play simple tunes within a few weeks of starting any instrument.

Our highly diverse and international teachers can train students in classical, jazz, improvisation, pop, rock, Broadway, folk, country, and multicultural music.

It depends on the instrument, we recommend renting violins, violas ans cellos until the student reaches a full size instrument. All other instruments including guitars, keyboards, ukuleles and drums shall be purchased.

Most of our teachers hold a Master’s and/or PhD in Music Performance or Music Education. In addition, our teachers have extensive experience (up to 30 years!) in teaching and mentoring music students.

We are helping students from these ISD’s:

  • Carrolton ISD
  • McKinney ISD
  • Frisco ISD
  • Plano ISD
  • Allen ISD