The drums are considered a non-pitched percussive instrument. There are several parts in a drum set: hi-hats, crash cymbal, high tom, medium tom, ride cymbal, floor tom, and the bass drum. A drummer is trained to coordinate between all the aforementioned parts using mallets and the foot pedal. A drummer must learn to play a steady beat, in order to keep the band performing together at the same time. It is usually a loud instrument but there are pads that can be used to dampen the sound in either a home or studio setting.
Traditionally, people associate the drum set with a rock band. However, at Edelweiss we explore rhythms from a variety of world genres, as drums are a versatile instrument. Fun fact: The drums are one of the oldest instruments in the world. The first drum found in China, made from alligator skin, dates back to 5500-2350 BC!