The guitar is a universally popular instrument. It is a versatile instrument used in classical music, flamenco, blues, jazz, country, R&B,  pop, and rock music. Pop and rock music is more likely to be played by an electric or acoustic guitar than a classical guitar. The classical guitar uses nylon strings, while the electric and acoustic guitars use steel strings. Since nylon strings are softer and less physically challenging, we suggest beginners start with classical guitar, using nylon strings.

  In addition, while learning classical guitar, we focus on reading the treble clef staff, which is an essential skill required to learn any musical instrument. Chord reading, which is more popular with electric guitar, can easily be learned at any time after mastering basic note reading.

  Note: A student does not need a guitar for the first class. We have guitars in our school that students can use for their first introductory lesson. The teacher has to measure the size and recommend a specific guitar for young or adult students, depending on their hand length.