Meet Anáis Avilez, a classically trained singer who has been immersed in the world of music for over two decades. Her passion for singing ignited at the tender age of two, and ever since, she has dedicated her life to pursuing this heartfelt calling.

Formally embarking on her vocal journey at the age of 12 with voice lessons, Anáis later pursued classical voice studies at Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, TX. While her love for classical music runs deep, she also discovered her talent for songwriting, a skill she nurtured and honed throughout her time at university.

During her college years, Anáis embarked on a small tour across the US, sharing her original music with various parts of the country, a rewarding experience that further fueled her artistic drive. In 2015, she successfully completed her bachelor’s degree in vocal performance.

However, her journey was far from over. Anáis held onto a lifelong dream of recording and publishing her own music, and in May of 2023, this dream came to fruition. Venturing to Los Angeles, CA, she recorded four original songs, now available on major streaming platforms under the artist name “Adieu Anais.”

Not content with just her own musical pursuits, Anáis finds joy in guiding others to discover and express their true creative selves. Beyond music, she relishes quality time with her husband Zak and their cherished golden retriever, Juniper.

Through her enchanting voice and heartfelt songwriting, Anáis Avilez, now known as “Adieu Anais,” continues to leave her mark on the world, inspiring others to embrace their passions and live authentically.