When Zach Gross first picked up the Saxophone in the sixth grade, he knew immediately he wanted to play for the rest of his life. Now at 25 years old, Zach has had the opportunity to perform with the likes of Joey DeFrancesco, Common, Wycliffe Gordon, Terell Stafford, Tim Warfield, Steve Wilson and many more established musicians. He currently works with 1564 Entertainment Group playing top 40s music for weddings and private events, as well as Jazz combo and big band shows. 

Zach grew up in Plano, TX attending Fowler Middle School and Liberty High School, where he was a member of the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra Jazz Institute as well as being named the the TMEA Jazz Ensemble 1 and the Jazz Band of America hosted by Music for All. Upon graduating in 2017, Zach moved to the northeast to study at Temple University in Philadelphia with legendary saxophonist Dick Oatts from the Village Vanguard Jazz Orchestra. During his time in Philadelphia, Zach saw first hand the kind of self-sufficiency and consistency you need to make it as a professional musician. 

Creating his own opportunities, constantly showing up to his peer’s gigs or local jam sessions and networking with already established musicians were all things Zach learned he needed to do. While primarily playing Baritone Saxophone, Zach is well versed in playing all four Saxophones and even learned to play Clarinet and Piano over the years. Zach also composes and arranges his own music and is trained in both Classical and Jazz theory. He is eager to share his knowledge with those who want to learn.