Why Are Music Lessons Important?

If we stop for a second, we realize that music surrounds us throughout the day, involuntarily. Our musical development starts in infancy when babies start cooing and making up their own songs during toddler years. Most of us form a disconnect with music making and music learning for many reasons. Sometimes it is out of our control of why we are not able to take music lessons or think we may not be talented enough to learn music. However, humans have the innate ability to learn an instrument or sing if the experience is nurtured in an organic environment.  This means that the teacher and the student shall experience great chemistry, solid communication, and mapped expectations. 

Adults often ask if it is too late for them to learn an instrument or sing. As soon as we realize that most humans will not become a professional musician, it strips away our inhibitions to attempt learning a musical instrument, no matter our age. There are many benefits to learning to play an instrument that the majority do not think of directly. For example, learning to read music can improve reading skills and enrich your vocabulary. When students learn to sight read notes, their abstract thinking matures faster. Imagination is an important component of learning music as a student uses his or her imagination to express feelings through music. Furthermore, it is well documented that when learning to play a musical instrument, an individual uses the same part of the brain used to understand math and reasoning. Emotionally, young or older students tend to be more stable and happier. Music heals our soul. The more students perform, the more self-assured they become when they need to speak in public or attend a job interview later in life. On top of all the aforementioned benefits, students who learn music score higher in various subjects at school. 

Learning music gives us a chance to bring back the inner musical child we once embodied that has been forgotten by many of us. Each student has to define a purpose that makes them satisfied. This in itself necessitates us to work on our patience as the music skills are slowly but solidly unfolding. In the process we also learn about new abilities we possess; thus, originating fresh prospects in our creativity. Music heals. Music changes us. Music molds our quintessence.

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